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Cell 11 of Protagonistic Forces

Cell 11 of Protagonistic Forces

Vancouver, Canada

MH (photo by Tom Orange)

Reel: China workers loop (2 ton plange dropping on duct mould, workers having to contort bodies as to avoid getting quashed, followed by gang-work reel of aluminum ducts filing.
Audio: “multi-tonal grave violin music” (start @ 1.27, and fade out at the end of video reel)
Video text image: Article 102 of Bolivarian Constitution "Developing the creative potential of every human being’ ‘active, conscious, and active participation’” (fade out text in portions / blots). Heller then goes into Hands-Overhead-Slow-Mow-Running-Wobble-Collapse-"Re-form" BMP; RT goes into diving-crouch form (RT waits for double-step cue to end); Bekele 10 Meter track run clip follows immediately ("turbo deep bass audio track @ .26)